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Hey, here is a quick 2016 feature review for you!

Pymlo Product News is here!

In the future, you can find all our product updates, including web platforms, Android and iOS apps on this blog, but meanwhile, let’s go over first all the cool things we’ve added in 2016 in case you have been away for while.

Quick, and quicker! Start your work directly from Dashboard.

Shortcut on dashboard
Customer and vendor overview

Overview your business with a certain contact.

Accounts receivable, including sales quotes, invoices, and sales receipt feature to record cash revenues.

Income management
Expense management

Accounts payable, including purchase orders, vendor bills. Quit the habit forgetting about bills starting from 2017!

Yes, reports! Unlimited reports! Over 10 reports were added!

Online payment portal

PayPal integration is added too. Simply send a payment link along with invoices to your customer.

Damn, that payment is fast.

Wow! This post is amazing!

Need more help to keep your accounting organized? Get a boost from us!
Kaniz Lin
Kaniz Lin
CEO & Founder of Pymlo. Crazy about accounting, technology, entrepreneurship, traveling, and gaming.

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