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Screw Click Bait. Here are 3 Ways to Increase Internet Traffic to Your Website

It seems like I am bombarded by click-bait at every other post, and what is worst, they all use the same techniques... "You'll never believe what the wife was caught doing..." "What happens next will shock you..." "You have to see what he looks like 10 years later...". It seems like every page on Facebook is doing it, and I can't stand it anymore. It is an age old tactic that, to be fair, does draw in some traffic. This will give the potential lead a bit of suspense as to what is going to happen next, which is good! However, it is so over done, and people lose interest fast, and will actually just become a meme itself.

There are also far more unethical ways to get more internet traffic, that unfortunately, some people do use. A lot of times, websites can be incredibly deceitful, creating sensational headlines that are over the top, exaggerating, and even lying, all to get a few extra clicks. This was especially prevalent in the 2016 presidential election, where both democrats and republican news sources would practice this.

But this brings up a really important question for a lot of startups. How can I ethically draw traffic to my website on social media, without resorting to click-bait or unethical subject liners? Well, there are multiple ways:

1.) Hot content creates hot traffic

By "hot" I mean "valuable."

Before you should get started on thinking of the headline, you need to ask yourself, "is this content good enough to draw traffic on its own and benefitial for viewers?". A lot of times when you see click-bait or misleading headlines, it is generally to make up for a lack of meaningful content that no one generally cares about. Good content creates naturally good headlines! Take for example the Guardian, where in 2016, the most read article was "Trumps first UK post-election interview: Brexit 'a great thing.'". It didn't have to resort to doing "You won't believe what Trump said about Brexit!" to draw attention because the content was good enough to create a naturally click-worthy headline.

2.) Point out the benefits in the title

If there is something that is going to get me to click your content, then it would be showing me multiple ways on how your content could benefit me. For example, "5 ways that online accounting will make accounting easier" guarantees the lead that they could benefit from clicking your content.

3.) Pull the heart strings

Getting an emotional reaction out of a potential lead is another way that generates clicks at an alarming rate. If you are attempting to sell a mattress, evoking a sense of calm and serenity out of your lead might get them to be more likely to consider your product. Let's take for example if you were selling whey protein, it would be a good idea to have the lead feel hopeful that he or she might able to change her diet, which would change her life. A headline like "Studies show that whey protein can help weight loss, so which one is the tastiest?" can have a fat person, desperate to lose weight while not wanting to give up taste have a lot of hope, and be inclined to click. Whatever it is you are selling, it is a good idea to create an emotion that matches your product.

These 3 methods are guaranteed to create just as much, if not more traffic to your website, with the added bonus of not annoying your customers.

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Kyle McComb
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