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DevBlog #1

Greetings to fellow accounting lovers!

It has been an adventurous journey since Pymlo launched our beta version this January. There have been tons of users showing interest and dropping inquiries like rolling snowballs, but we couldn't find enough time to handle every email of yours... And finally we found an ultimate way to connect us nerdy techies to wild accounting lovers like you more openly and efficiently- a devblog of course!

We just can't wait to share with all of you how we can "simplify" your accounting, what are under current development, what exciting features are around the corner- stay tuned and let's go further on this adventurous journey together!

New features to track purchases and bills

Many of our users have asked for something that will "help them to keep track of company expense and short-term bills better," so we focused our past week on proceeding with our roadmap in expense module development.

To maintain a tidy purchase pipeline, business owners like you now can make purchase orders on Pymlo. Send to your suppliers or vendors, and forwardly convert the orders into vendor bills upon receiving goods and invoices.

This helps you to keep a supremely keen eye on upcoming payments and get prepared, so you won't be caught by surprise or lose your credits later.

These features are already live now, and you can simply sign in and check them out.

Help users get paid faster with PayPal

In case you haven't noticed, our integration with PayPal is live finally after several months of serious development. (We are serious about your data security as much as we are about accounting.) You can find the connection page under Setting > Online Payment.

After connecting your Pymlo to PayPal account, your customers will receive PayPal check-out links every time you send invoices to them via Pymlo.

They can pay directly with credit card, and you get paid faster. Everything becomes efficient without hassle.

Server migration: never-ending improvements for data security

We are very happy to announce that Pymlo platform has moved to Amazon Web Services!

With Amazon's unique and powerful features, we are able to bring you more efficient, optimized product performance, and build a high-quality security framework in the shortest time, and keep your accounting data more secure than ever!

Wow! This post is amazing!

Need more help to keep your accounting organized? Get a boost from us!
Kaniz Lin
Kaniz Lin
CEO & Founder of Pymlo. Crazy about accounting, technology, entrepreneurship, traveling, and gaming.

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