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3 things to you must understand if your startup is based in Bangkok

In case you missed it, Bangkok is becoming one of the go-to startup hubs around the globe. Although known for its world-famous nightlife, Bangkok could be the city to host the next google due to all the startups popping up around here. But why has this happened? Bangkok has become a hub for several reasons. First, it is incredibly cheap to start up here, as opposed to numerous other cities in Asia, such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore. Second, for what you pay, you get a comfortable lifestyle, whereas countries like Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam, whose economies have not developed as well as the Thai economy. Finally, it acts as the perfect gateway to Asia, due to its geographical situation. So if your thinking about moving to Bangkok and starting up your startup, here are 3 things you should know.

1.) Be Ready to Pitch anywhere... and I mean anywhere.

One of the most interesting things about Bangkok has to be its huge startup presence, and if you see a foreigner around you, it is not that unreasonable to suspect they have their own business as well. So whether your waiting for your BTS train, working at a coffee shop, ordering food, or find yourself at a weird bar at 3:45 AM on Tuesday night, don't be surprised if you find yourself talking about your business.  You really never know who you will run into, be it an investor looking for opportunities, or a potential business partner. You should always be prepared to represent your company, no matter where you are or what time it is, or how you feel.

2.) Don't be surprised if someone is late

If there really is one generalization of Thailand that is true, there is always someone that is late. A lot of the time you will hear it just referring to Thai people, but in my experience, foreigners are just as guilty as well. Despite its rushed lifestyle, This happens more often in Bangkok than anywhere else in the country for one simple reason; the traffic. Bangkok is known for having one of the worst traffic problems in the world, and this can be evident by how late people usually are. The Skytrain and the subway only reach a limited part of the city, so for many, driving is the only option they have. So if you are planning to meet up with anyone really, you need to be patient, because you can be waiting for them for a while.

3.) Find Startup meetups

One great thing about Bangkok is the city has numerous startup meetups, and they are all generally welcoming places. In my experience, other cities, especially back in the United States, events are not exactly the most welcoming place in the world. However, Bangkok has a lot of meetups that anyone can come and join. Numerous online facebook groups, incubation groups, or communities can easily be the link you need to help your startup take off.

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