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DevBlog #3

See you, Solo Plan, for the greater good

Many of you have received our earlier announcement that the Solo Plan will be canceled soon so that we can keep our product more organized and bring more values to the paying users.

We will leave the formality and details to another story, but we are doing more code changes to bring our users goodies, like extended cancellation periods and trials for every business profile. Meanwhile, Pymlo team is brainstorming heavily for alternatives- this is not good-bye yet; there might be other free tools for you accounting lovers in the future.

The change will be deployed soon. You can shoot us more questions if you want to know more of our pricing changes.

Webhooks for the geek...

Last week we talked about our implementation of OAUTH 2.0 authorization. Now we have progressed forward to our webhooks.

Webhooks are a mechanism to allow developers to synchronize accounting data from Pymlo easily and integrate with their own commercial applications for managerial purposes. Certain events will be triggered and automatically sent to callback URLs assigned by you while you can simply sit back and enjoy the convenience with all your business data linked together.

Following events will be supported at our Phase 1 release: (suitable for CRMs and contact directories)

  1. New customer
  2. New vendor
  3. New invoice

Winter is coming, so are Recurring Invoices

Remember our Recurring Invoice feature? It will be included in our weekly update this week along with more accounting reports to monitor your aging payments.

Wow, keeping your accounting organized is getting easier! Happy accounting on this Halloween!

Wow! This post is amazing!

Need more help to keep your accounting organized? Get a boost from us!
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