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DevBlog #2

Busy week for technical integration...

Since our integration with Paypal, we are extremely excited to explore more forms of integrations. We have been busy adding more supported functions in our RESTful API, doing code changes for the incoming public release, and actively looking for more solutions for our dear SME users!

Imagine your simplest accounting software integrated like these, just to begin with:

Pymlo is at the center of any combination to benefit businesses of any sort. Don't let creativity limit you.

OAuth2 to bring you more security

To respond to the growing need of our integrations, we are changing our API authorization scheme to the more popular and secure OAUTH 2.0. This will greatly affect future Pymlo APIs and mobile applications currently under prototyping.

What does this mean? You will be the SUPREME owner and manager of your own personal data, you choose what privileges are granted to third-party software and what are not.

Yeah, because we care about your data security this much.

Charge customers with recurring invoices

For all users who invoice their customers on a recurring basis, now we are creating a new feature for you: recurring invoices.

After setting up the desired period and data, Pymlo can help you create and send invoices automatically to customers based on the cycle you designate. This will an amazing feature if you are a startup, freelancer, digital nomad who needs to repeat invoices all the time.

Read more here to see how you can benefit from recurring invoicing.

Wow! This post is amazing!

Need more help to keep your accounting organized? Get a boost from us!
Kaniz Lin
Kaniz Lin
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