Become an affiliate

Become a Pymlo affiliate and earn cash based on every purchase you send our way!

What is an affiliate?

Pymlo affiliates understand how small businesses can benefit from simplified and efficient accounting procedures, and refer people to Pymlo while in return we reward them with lucrative commissions. All you need to do is simply sign up, place your linking code onto your website, and just sit back, relax, and enjoy the easy money for every sale you bring us!

How does it work?

The process is so simple, it should be a crime! First, simply sign up to join our affiliate program, and we will mail you a personal reference link. Then, show your friends how cool Pymlo is, and give them the link to sign up. For every customer that clicks your referral link, and subscribes to Pymlo paid plans, you will get 10% commission for each month that user stays with Pymlo. You will literally be sitting back and watching the cash rake in.

What do I get?

For each sale you bring to Pymlo, we will give to you 10% commission on that sale for 1 year while they are still at Pymlo. If we notice that you are selling a lot, we will be more than happy to upgrade that commission rate up to 15% a year. If you do super well, we would bump that up to 20%!

Why Pymlo?

Pymlo is on track to become Asia's number one solution for all businesses accounting needs. Cloud based services are now gaining traction, and with approximately 60% of SMEs in the region not having any form of cloud accounting, Pymlo is in the right market.