Who are we?

We are Pymlo. We bring the ultimate accounting solution for Asian businesses.

Why do we do it?

We are a small business like yours.

We understand how complicated accounting can be. We understand that you don't have the money for an accountant. We know because we are just like you.

Pymlo exist to make old-school accounting a thing of the past. We want you to have full control over all aspects of your business in one simple, streamlined process.

How do we do it?

Through years of professional experiences, we have observed that, although regulations differ from countries to countries, accounting should serve as an important tool to aid business development and decision making.

Accounting without borders is our philosophy.

It shouldn't be a troublesome procedure to your business. It is a giant boulder for you to step on and look farther.

Your Asian business needs a solution tailored for Asians, and with Pymlo, we want to see you grow. High-tech solutions are not just for big enterprises.

They are just as important for you too.

By Pymlo team, with love

Pymlo is built with our full devotion. If you got questions that needs fast reply, you can contact with one of our team members.

Kaniz Lin

CEO/CTO & Founder

A visioner and programmer who does accounting. Also a web BI solution developer and finance module designer.

Kyle McComb

CMO & Co-Founder

Expert of marketing in various aspects, including direct marketing, digital marketing, marketing communication, community management and so on.

Charlotte Fernandez

CPO & Co-Founder

As a talented brand strategist and visual designer, Charlotte brings her western-edge perspective and decade-long experience from US to the culturally diverse and tech-savvy Asian market.

Maneerat Saen-iang (May)

Marketing Executive / Account Manager (Thailand)

Beautiful, strong, extremely patient and caring to take care of our customers' needs.

Roy Melissen


Ask him anything you can think of- accounting, personal finance, taxation, swimming, and German beers.

Woo Jin


Business copywriter, idea mass-generator, and guru in digital marketing.

Jerry Ho


Jerry's artistic talents are reflected heavily in our product design. Also he is a hardware engineer who loves accounting like hell.
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Eager to know more?

If you like what we do, are interested in our products, want to be a business partner with us, or just want to say hi- don't be shy! Drop us a message below!